Skipper pipes (Lakrids piber) Sweet chewy licorice pipes. Super popular among Danish sweets. Children fall in love with this Danish sweet soft liquorice. Order skipper pipes (Lakridspiber) and more of your favorite danish goods here and make yourself feel like home – fast and international delivery.

Sweet soft chewy licorice pipes (box of 8).

By Skipper, weight: 136 g

Lakridspiber (Lakrids piber) might not be as addictive as tobacco but they are still an all-time classic. Being all the way back from 1920 Lakridspiber have been with us through thick and thin. Imitating a tobacco product Lakridspiber has been through its fair share of critisicm and has almost been banned but our sweet licorice pipes are still alive and well. If you wish to find additional information you can visit the manufacturers website.

Lakridspiber ingredients: Glucose syrup, WHEAT flour, molasses, sugar, licorice extract, dyes (E153, E120), salt, WHEAT starch, preservative (E200), gelling agent (E414), vegetable fat (coconut), aroma, acid (E330), surface treatment agent (E901).

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Manufacturer: Cloetta

Weight 0.500 g