Blå Ga-Jol is the original pastille from Ga-Jol. It’s small blue container with pastilles tasting of licorice and menthol, makes Blå Ga-Jol a perfect travel treat

Sweet Chewy licorice drops with a strong menthol flavor.

By Ga-Jol; 1 box weight 23 gr


Blå Ga-Jol is the foundational licorice from the product line “Ga-Jol”. Blå Ga-Jol has the original taste of fresh licorice and menthol. Since it came into production in Denmark in 1993, Blå Ga-Jol has become one of Denmark’s most popular pastilles. Danes eat approximately 600 million Ga-Jol pastilles every year, which is around 25 million containers. The small container filled with many small pastilles, in its symbolic blue color, makes Blå Ga-Jol the pioneer “to go” candy treat. Plus, it gives a nice fresh breath for whenever you need.

If you wish for more information, you can read it on manufactures website.

Blå Ga-jol Ingredients: sugar, thickener (gum arabic), modified corn starch, glucose-fructose syrup, crude licorice 3%, ammonium chloride, aromas, vegetable (palm, palm kernel, coconut), surface treatment agent (carnauba wax).

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Manufacturer: Toms

Weight 0.025 g