Extra strong, soft licorice candy filled with salmiac and coated with sugar. Order Heksehyl here and maximize your danish “hygge” nights with this classic danish candy – wherever you are.

Very popular with the Danes!
By Toms, weight: 130 g

Toms Heksehyl for when you crave for strong salmiac licorice. In Denmark we love our licorice and it can come in many shapes. Toms Heksehyl is one of the most popular licorice sweets. It literally means “The Witches Cry” – so you can imagine the taste and feeling of something with a little nice burn to it. Toms Heksehyl is a combination of both strong and sweet licorice. These popular small candy rots are filled with a light milk chocolate and sweet licorice, while the outer shell is a strong salmiac with a glance of a sugar coat. It makes the tasting experience extraordinary. Due to the filling inside the rots and due to the small size, Toms Heksehyl is known for being one of a kind in Denmark. Since it hit production in 1990, Toms Heksehyl have been “Pingvins” most beloved treat and will probably never be dethroned. If you wish for more information, you can read it on the manufacturers website.

Toms Heksehyl ingredients: Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, English syrup, WHEAT FLOUR (GLUTEN), crude 3%, ammonium chloride 3%, hardened vegetable fat (palm kernel, coconut), modified corn and potato starch, gelatin, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), humectant agent (glycerol), salt, aroma.

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Manufacturer: Toms

Weight 0.130 g