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Salty Fish | Katjes Salte Fisk

Katjes’ salty fish is one of few vegetarian fish. If you enjoy licorice you should try Katjes salty licorice with a delicious sugar coating. Extremely popular Danish candy. You can now buy these licorice online here.

Vegan option available

By Katjes, weight: 110 g

Katjes Salte Fisk is a tasty classic with delicious salt licorice shaped like fish. Its soft consistency and flavor from real licorice root will most definitely secure a spot in your bowl next to your favorites. Katjes Salte Fisk is vegetarian and the vegan option can be found on our website as well. This Katjes Salte Fisk licorice is made without artificial flavors and dyes and infused with naturals flavors. If you can resist eating all of them, they are a safe option to keep around for guests craving vegetarian sweets. If you wish to find additional information you can visit the manufacturers website. The licorice has a nice soft texture and a delicious soft bite and is made with real licorice root juice, which gives them their eminent and characteristic taste.

Katjes is seen as a pioneer and trendsetter when it comes to vegetarian licorice products. The company carefully avoids using animal gelatin for it’s licorice, among which Salte Fisk is one of the best.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, 6% liquorice extract, glucose fructose syrup, brown sugar syrup, 2% ammonium chloride, aroma, maltodextrin. May contain traces of MILK.


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Manufacturer: Katjes

Weight 0.110 g