Haribo Super Piratos


Haribo Super Piratos is the saltiest licorice of them all. Due to the coins also being vegetarian, it makes whoever has a bag of Piratos one of the most wanted on the sea. Intensely strong taste. A delicious licorice containing 7.99% salmiac.

By Haribo, weight: 120 g

Haribo Super Piratos is the strongest “most licorice”, of them all, contains 7.99% salmiac. If you love salmiak liquorice then this is the typical Danish product. It’s a Danish classic, you can buy here.

Piratos has been stable in Denmark since the 1976. From all of Haribo, Haribo Super Piratos is the saltiest. That makes Piratos, the perfect salt licorice for whenever you’re feeling homesick or if you just want to taste one of the Danes’ favorites. Haribo Super Piratos is not only the perfect balance between salt and licorice but it’s also shaped like a coin found in treasures. Furthermore, there is no gelatin in the coins, which make it suitable for the vegetarians. Like a true pirate, you can try and see if you can discover all the prints on the coins, one of them being a canon. If you wish for more information, you can read it on manufactures website.

Super Piratos Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, thickener: arabic gum, corn starch, ammonium chloride, raw licorice (3%), salt, flavor, color: carbon black, vegetable oil: coconut, palm kernel, coatings: yellow beeswax and white wax, carnauba wax.

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Manufacturer: Haribo

Weight 0.120 g