Tyrkisk Peber Original


Tyrkisk Peber Original is a delicious hard bon bons filled with a particularly strong licorice liquid center for those who love licorice with a kick! Salty, spicy and delicious! Make yourself feel like home!

Order Tyrkisk Peber Original here and maximize your danish “hygge” nights with this calssic danish candy – wherever you are.

By Fazer, weight: 120 g

Tyrkisk Peber Original is for those who already love licorice unconditionally. It’s hard surface and strong pebbery filling might be too powerful for some but fortunately comes in milder variants. Tyrkisk Peber is produced by a Finnish company but was originally invented by the Danish company Perelly back in 1976 and is now much loved by many nordic nations. Enjoy them for yourself or try sharing them with less experienced licorice eaters to watch their reaction. If you wish to find additional information regarding Tyrkisk Peber you can visit the manufacturers website.

Tyrkisk Peber ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride, liquorice extract, salt, flavourings, vegetable oil (rapeseed), colour (E153).

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By Fazer, weight: 120 g

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